Founded by a group of world class food scientists specializing in micronutrient technology, our passion is to meet your nutritional and lifestyle needs through our patented technology that delivers superior health and nutritional performance, while bringing you enjoyment in your everyday routine.

Meet Our Team

Chuck Gagel

Mr. Gagel is a former Procter and Gamble Company executive, with deep product development, intellectual property management and external institutional collaborations with the nutritional science and non-governmental organization communities worldwide. Chuck brings in-depth knowledge of micron-nutrient formulations to combat malnutrition deficiencies in developing countries, having worked in countries such as Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Tanzania and Venezuela.  He served on a number of micronutrient initiative boards and is well known to the WHO and US AID communities. He is a recognized global expert in identifying consumer insights and technology needs and fast prototyping to accelerate business program implementation. 


David Yang
Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Yang is a former Procter and Gamble Company executive with sixteen plus years of experience in a variety of business and product development roles.  Within P&G’s Global Food & Beverage Business Unit he managed food and beverage project areas for nutritional beverages, emerging health and wellness technologies, development of healthy fats and oils, and human clinical efficacy testing.  David has a PhD in Food Science and Nutrition from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BS in Chemistry from Purdue University.


Tim Fealey

Dr. Fealey is a former Procter and Gamble Company executive, Senior VP Global Food and Beverage Strategic Planning.  Additionally, he has had senior R&D and Strategic leadership responsibilities with the Coca-Cola Company and served as Senior VP Chief Innovation Officer of Marteck Bioscience Corporation, a leading nutrition based biotechnology company in Maryland. Tim has a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Georgetown University and MBA from University of Chicago.