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We believe that getting enough calcium should be easy and accessible for everyone and that being healthy should be simple. CALSURA is no ordinary supplement and combines years of clinical research to bring you maximum benefits.  

  • Maximum absorption         
  • Simply add to water, not a hard-to-swallow pill
  • Refreshing flavors; cranberry pomegranate, peach mango and more
  • Help build healthy bones in children and teens
  • Protect and maintain healthy adult bones
  • No digestive discomfort or worry about kidney stones
  • Convenient to use anywhere - at home, the gym and on the go.   

CALSURA is much more than a calcium supplement. It goes to work quickly and delivers bio-absorbable nutrients in a great-tasting zero-calorie drink. So many children and adults are calcium-deficient, and CALSURA provides an easy and tasty way to build up calcium in the body. Whether you have special dietary needs or you’re lactose intolerant, CALSURA can give you the calcium your bones need to stay healthy.