Just drop the 2 soluble calcium tablets into a bottle (16 oz.) or a large glass (2 cups) of water. If you are using an unopened bottle of water, take a drink first to allow for the fizzing action. It's best to use tap water or room temperature water for faster dissolving action. You can add ice after the tablets have dissolved. 


The 2 tablets are intended to give you maximum benefits in a typical 16 oz. bottle of water or a large glass of water. But, you can use one tablet in a smaller 8 oz. bottle or 1 cup of water with the same great taste. Just remember to use the second tablet sometime later during the day.


CALSURA is a soluble form of calcium composed of two common “fruit acids,” citric acid and malic acid, found typically in oranges, strawberries, apples and pears. Because the calcium is complexed with these fruit acids, this form has outstanding solubility characteristics to improve not only calcium absorption by the body but also skeletal health throughout the human life cycle. A soluble form of calcium has been one of the most thoroughly tested calcium in the world. Long-term clinical studies demonstrated soluble calcium is 40% more bioavailable than other sources of calcium and significant bone building in children and postmenopausal women and a reduction in bone fractures in both older men and women. No other calcium source can claim this combination of clinically proven benefits.


To be of value as a nutrient, calcium must first be absorbed by the body in order to benefit bones. To be absorbed, the calcium must be solubilized, or dissolved. Calcium in foods exists in various bound forms and must be adequately digested in order to release the calcium and make it available to absorb. Calcium absorption takes place in the acid-neutral environment of the small intestine. In this environment, the soluble calcium in CALSURA is 11x more soluble than calcium citrate (a popular supplement form), 82x more soluble than tricalcium phosphate (used in some food fortifications), 571x more soluble than calcium carbonate (the most common type of supplementation) and 2,000x more soluble than calcium oxalate (calcium form found in spinach).

5. can calsura dissolve faster?

The fizzing action of CALSURA is what indicates that the nutrients are dissolving and will be easily absorbed by your body. It is best to use room temperature water for fast fizzing action. 

6. how often can i use calsura?

Each serving of CALSURA in 16 0z. of water provides 500 mg of soluble calcium and an excellent source of vitamin D. When consumed twice daily, it will put you in the optimal daily calcium intake range. 

7. when should i drink calsura?

Anytime! Use CALSURA as you drink water throughout the day. This will also help your body absorb much more calcium than one large dose taken all at once. 

8. can i use calsura for other drinks besides water?

Yes! Experiment with different kinds of beverages like a smoothie or sparkling water. 

9. Is calsura okay if my stomach can't handle supplements?

Other calcium supplements made from insoluble forms of calcium such as calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate, must be dissolved by acid in the stomach. However many adults have low to no stomach acid, which causes the upset stomach. Since CALSURA works to dissolve the calcium for you, it helps prevent digestive discomfort. 

10. How can I tell if I am getting enough calcium?

The recommended daily intake of calcium is 800-1,200mg for children, 1,200-1,500 mg for adolescents and young adults, 1,000 mg for adults, and 1,200-1,500 mg for anyone over 50 years of age. See our chart for recommended daily intake.