Erosion and etching of tooth enamel has been a long recognized concern with the consumption of high acidity drinks, a pH of less than 5.5, such as citrus juices (orange, lemon), nectars, fruit punches, carbonated soft drinks and other fruit drinks.  These beverages are increasingly consumed on a daily basis and aside from their sugar content, increase the negative impact of enamel erosion.  The loss of enamel can lead to undesirable appearance of teeth and the need for more dental care due to significant attrition of the teeth and development of cavities. 

Calcium is a key ingredient in tooth enamel.  Not surprisingly, nutritional and metabolic deficiencies of calcium can have broad-ranging adverse effects.  One of the benefits for soluble calcium is the proven positive benefits for preventing the erosion of tooth enamel and tooth loss.  A recent study of 140 older adults found that calcium and Vitamin D reduced the loss of teeth by 40%.