"Bones are the calcium bank for the body. Over 99% of total body calcium is found in bones." 

Maximizing Calcium Absorption

CALSURA soluble calcium tablets are more absorbable than the calcium your body gets from food sources or supplements. Calcium is needed to strengthen bones and keep bone density at an optimum level.  Research shows that soluble calcium pills are 40% more absorbable than calcium from milk or supplements and clinically shown to strengthen bones in children and teens and help maintain bone mass in adult women and men. 

Calcium is an essential mineral needed by your body to build strong bones and teeth.  It is important to consume adequate calcium in the daily diet throughout your life.  A food must be both high in calcium and consumed on a frequent basis to be of value as a calcium source. 

Unlike calcium supplements – CALSURA’s soluble calcium goes to work quickly, activating and fully dissolving with the fizzing action to let you know that the bio-absorbable nutrients are made into a great tasting, zero calorie drink.