Now getting your daily calcium is as easy as drinking water.
See how we differ from a traditional supplement:


Our fizz action tablets help more calcium reach your bones, while also helping you stay hydrated.

Promotes Bone Growth

We added Vitamin D and Magnesium for maximum absorption, helping you prevent and control osteoporosis.

100% of your daily Vitamin C

Packed with antioxidants to support muscle recovery and immune strength. 

No added sugar, calories or preservatives

Just the vitamins and minerals you need, nothing extra.

Eliminates Digestive Discomfort

Since CALSURA is absorbed quickly, it eliminates upset stomachs. It also provides an excellent source of calcium for those who can't eat dairy rich foods.

Tastes great!

CALSURA comes in a variety of six flavors and is not chalky or thick. Kids love it!